I love Minecraft! I shot a spiter and I got spiterweb! Minecraft is fun. I got lapris and redstone. I love gold and dimine and charko. most of all I like iyrn. but it was on cerativmod on free vrshin. Minecraft is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did at home. do you like Minecraft?
9/16/2012 18:24:55

Hello Pretty Kitty,
I love the picture with you wearing a styling shades.

Mrs. Kathy Thomas
9/21/2012 04:24:30

Mt!inecraft sounds like fun! I have never played it but I am going to check out the free version! Great job on your blog post!

9/24/2012 05:31:32

Your cat is so cute

Mrs. Alexich
9/25/2012 10:19:45

Are there other games you like as well? I do really think your kitty picture is cute.


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