We have a elf on the shelf. his name is Jingles. Jingles gives us sum thing everyday. sum times we find him and get a gift. Jingles reports to santa every day. 

My soup has gummy bears and ice cream. Chocolate mushrooms, cookies and juice pops as cold as ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It has gummy worms too! When you eat the ice cream you get a brain freeze. When you eat the juice pop you get a major brain freeze!!!!!!!!! My  soup is freezing!
My  famaly went fishing!   they cote 3 fishes but it only shows 2 of them.  this is my unceles bote.  all I do is eat sleep and throw up.  mosly I love to fish on shore.  one day my mom Kari cote a eel and a butterfiy fish.

I love Minecraft! I shot a spiter and I got spiterweb! Minecraft is fun. I got lapris and redstone. I love gold and dimine and charko. most of all I like iyrn. but it was on cerativmod on free vrshin. Minecraft is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did at home. do you like Minecraft?