My favorite read aloud is THE SECRET ZOO. Because the message. And the cheetah! Thank you for skipping with us!!!!!!!    
On May day we selabrated Allisons birthday.  Allison brang pops it was GOOD.  it was a bisy day we whent swimming Tae kwon do and may day.  For may we sang the molakaly slide. 
If a octopus brakes a leg it will grow  another one. Octopuses are blue blooded. A blue ringed octopus has enough poison to kill a person. Did you know a octopus has a beak on the bottem of it. The octopuses tentacles come in roes of 2.
On spring break I whent to D and B. I whent with Kylie and Mom. I had 2 favrite things 1  was the massive crane. It hoisted a pillow  and I GOT IT! 2 was a spinning weel i got 1000 cooponds. after we eat dinner. Kylie got 5 1000 on the spin n win. I love D and B!!!!!!
1.exploring the planet

2.chraveling arond the wold

3.magafinglass to look closer

4.muny to buy food